Protect your investment with packaging machine service and support

Services that protect your packaging machinery investment

Our packaging machine service and support solutions will enhance your productivity and sharpen your competitive edge significantly. Now you can protect your investment – for the installation’s full lifecycle – by adapting our services precisely to your operational profile.


A multidimensional services strategy

In today’s competitive, 24/7 production environment, your packaging line’s uptime must approach 100%. While problems cannot be entirely eradicated in the real world, their incidence and impact must be engineered down to an absolute minimum. Evolving a strategy to achieve this is possible with careful planning, but it calls for many components working alongside each other in harmony.

A challenge, maybe, but one that highlights the value of your long-term partnership with Mpac. We understand exactly what these components are and are highly experienced in deploying them; you understand your own capabilities and resources. Together, we can build a tailor-made services strategy that complements your established resources efficiently; one that wastes no money on unnecessary support, while providing the technical, human and commercial factors that ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our services offering is based on our proactive preventative maintenance strategy, which maximises the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your Mpac packaging machine. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance, and employing a regular maintenance programme, we help you to secure a worry-free packaging line operation.

Sustaining the upgrade in productivity

Long term service agreements

Our long-term maintenance agreements are comprehensive maintenance contracts which help you fix long-term budgets, maximise availability and reliability of support, and guarantee the highest priority service.

Maintenance services

Regular maintenance inspections optimise the efficiency and reliability of machinery. We provide mechanical and software advice on replacing parts or implementing upgrades to enhance the performance of your machine and prevent downtime.

Product training

We have developed comprehensive, customised training programs that enable operators and maintenance personnel to achieve maximum machine productivity and return on your investment. We provide training during installation and at any time afterwards to educate on upgrades or train new staff. Our engineers can work with you on site when required.

Remote support

Our online and telephone helpdesk provides prompt support for most mechanical and control queries. Technology embedded in our new machines monitors the control system and provides online error detection. Our experts can connect to the control system for real-time review of equipment performance and troubleshooting.

Modernisations and upgrades

Originally supplied equipment can be enhanced by incorporating a new design or development. This might be a hardware or software upgrade to meet new safety standards or to improve machine performance. We also refurbish older machines. Full training is provided as part of the installation if required.

Spare parts

Mpac Langen supplies authentic, quality assured spare parts. We provide our customers with spares to ensure that they are equipped to substitute a part which is approaching the end of its service life. Replacement is designed to be carried out quickly with minimum effect on the uptime of your machine.

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