The only solution for packaging different stick packs in different bag styles and bag dimensions in this configuration

With close to 100 installations world-wide using proven technology

Solution Highlights

Infeed and collation system

  • Multi-lane dropbox with chute for individual stick handling
  • Unique counting feature for flexibility in formations
  • Easy and tool less changeover features
  • Stick accelerator for controlled discharge of sticks into VFFS

Continuous motion VFFS

  • UVA packaging’s LIMA 320C VFFS machine
  • Heat seal technology
  • Integrated stick handling technology
  • Easy and tool less changeover features
  • Integration with checkweigher after VFFS
  • Stick in seal detection with reject function

Challenges summarised

  • Complete automation of packaging sticks into bags
  • Run different stick lengths on the same line
  • Food application with corresponding requirements

The project

A leading food company requested a solution for the complete automation of packaging sticks into bags.

The challenge was to deliver a seamless integration with the bagging equipment, quick changeovers with high efficiency while running multiple SKU’s on the line.

Mpac Langen teamed up with UVA Packaging in order to integrate with each other’s equipment. The combination of Mpac Langen’s proven FLEXCOUNT™ technology and UVA Packaging’s reliable LIMA 320C continuous motion VFFS machine proved to be the ideal solution. It is the only solution for packaging different stick packs in different bag styles and bag dimensions in this configuration.

With close to a 100 FLEXCOUNT™ systems for stick packs installed worldwide, Mpac Langen is the only company able to offer reliable high-speed stick handling solutions using proven technology. We are focused on application excellence in every project. Our build in expertise and our continuous improvement programs are ensuring superb secondary packaging solutions.

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