Cartoner 4.0

Cartoner 4.0

Meet Mpac Langen’s Cartoner 4.0 concept – the future of packaging

Packaging on demand

The rise of ecommerce and increasing global competition creates a demand for intelligent packaging solutions. Mpac Langen’s Cartoner 4.0 concept is an industry first that enables efficient and cost-effective packaging of low carton volumes for high-value products, packaging on demand and inventory reduction. The concept can be applied to many different market sections from warehouse to manufacturing, ecommerce, small business, pharma and healthcare.

Industry 4.0

Our Cartoner 4.0 concept has been developed in line with industry 4.0 – a global trend of automation and cloud-based data exchange in manufacturing. Commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0 will impact virtually all manufacturing industries. Among many other possibilities, industry 4.0 will enable more flexibility, production on demand, higher reliability through detailed data analysis, and enhanced track and trace capabilities of products.

Robotic cartoning

Cartoner 4.0 is a robotic cartoning machine offering a highly flexible, small footprint solution that can integrate seamlessly alongside existing human workers. It can pick and pack batches of varying sizes and products of different types without the need for a changeover or adjustment. The ability to seamlessly process a variety of products is perfectly suited to cope with the changing face of ecommerce warehouse distribution.

The highly innovative prototype uses two collaborative, vision-system-equipped FANUC robots that only function when a product is present. Using a camera, the system recognizes when a product is placed into the container. This triggers one robot to pick up the corresponding carton and erect it, and the second robot to pick up the product, load it into the carton and then seal it.

Saving time

The Cartoner 4.0 is particularly well suited to on-demand packaging as well as packaging in small series and low volumes. The current prototype can pack up to 15 to 20 cartons per minute and handle a multitude of different products and cartons on demand. This enhancement allocates more time to value-added activities by eliminating the 15-20 minutes of human intervention typically required for a changeover. Depending on the products and cartons, the Cartoner 4.0 could save up to several hours a day.

Instead of removing a human worker from the equation, the Cartoner 4.0 adds a beneficiary system. The operator can now attend to other, less manual-intensive tasks instead. As an inbuilt safety feature, both robots have a force-sensitive base, which will identify any outside forces acting on the robot and stop when required – facilitating a safe and mutually beneficial robot and human work situation.

To find out how Cartoner 4.0 can meet your ecommerce warehousing and distribution challenges contact us.

See our Cartoner 4.0 prototype in action

Posted by Simon Mason