Jurgen Schreerder Mpac Langen

A day in the life of a software engineer

Our in-house software engineering expertise is a vital part of the overall design and successful implementation of our tailor-made packaging machinery. Jurgen Scheerder, Control Software Engineer, joined the Mpac Langen team at our Wijchen plant in December 2018. He shares his typical day as part of our ‘Day in the Life’ series.

“Every single day is different,” begins Jurgen. “Not one day is the same as the next.”

An important part of the role is to see every project through from start to finish while working on several different projects at one time.

“Once a project has been confirmed, we form a project team with all the key people inputting from different engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software engineering”, continues Jurgen. “We work closely together using our combined skills and expertise to design the technical layout of the machine and define all of the components. We then start developing the mechanical and electrical engineering including the software.”

It’s the challenge of working on the automation of high-speed packaging machines that excites Jurgen most: “The software for a high-speed infeed needs to detect, count, synchronise and orientate products at high speed on multiple lines. That means working with highly critical cycle times of five or ten milliseconds for each product.”

Our effectiveness as a team comes partly from having all engineering disciplines working closely together. “We are one global team, working together in dedication to realise the optimal solution for the customer. We work with proven technology since our packaging machines are based on modular assemblies, yet they are fully tailored to the product and custom made according to client specifications. We work in close partnership and establish long-term relationships with our customers and they frequently visit us at our manufacturing locations to discuss project details.”

Once the machine has been built and the software has been prepared, the machines are tested using original products from the customer. This internal factory acceptance test (iFAT) is an important quality check to ensure a smooth transition to the customer’s factory acceptance test (FAT). “As a result,” Jurgen continues, “our trusted project team works together to ensure a smooth transition to the customer with any issues identified early in the process. Using a traffic light system, we work to achieve ‘green lights’ on all aspects of the solution and proceed to the FAT.”

After the machine has been approved and shipped, Jurgen will often travel to the customer site for installation and commissioning. “Depending on the complexity of the project, we often need to check the interface and data transfer systems between different machines in the packaging line. This is often tested on-site directly after delivery, so the machine can start working efficiently at full speed as soon as possible.”

“Our clients are located around the world and they want to work with us because we operate globally as one reliable team. We have common global processes in place, which makes it easy to share ideas and transfer knowledge between different regions. Travel is one of many fun aspects of my work, while at the same time I can enjoy a healthy balance between work and home life.”

“But the most thrilling moment of my job is once we have completed the mechanical and electrical assembly and the machine comes to life”, says Jurgen. “It then starts running at high speed in a factory setting according to the customer’s wishes. The most fulfilling moment is receiving praise and enthusiastic feedback from our customers. And, of course, I have a great sense of pride when I see their products, which have been packaged using our machinery, on the shelve in my local supermarket.”

Jurgen Schreerder Mpac Langen

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Posted by Simon Mason