Mpac Langen's advanced HMI

5 things you need to know about advanced HMI

With rapidly changing technology rendering many HMIs obsolete and costly to maintain, manufacturers need to future proof operations. Read on to find out how Mpac’s advanced HMI provides the ideal platform to prepare your business for change.

New features, greater connectivity and enhanced user experience

Talk to anyone in automated manufacturing and ‘Industry 4.0’ is sure to come up. This well-used, generic term can mean many things to different market sectors, but the bottom line is that the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is transforming the way businesses operate. And you need to be ready.

That’s not all. Demand for enterprise networking and remote access is driving the need for systems with greater functionality, as well as the capability to connect machinery not only within the production line but right across the supply chain.

Our packaging machinery solutions are specifically engineered to help achieve your production goals during this important transition – and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a vital part of this process. That’s why we have invested in a three-year programme to re-engineer our HMI for the modern manufacturing environment, while also keeping an eye on the future.

Our advanced HMI is now installed on all new Mpac Langen secondary packaging machines as standard and is compatible with market-leading control systems. Carefully designed to add value and share information seamlessly, our new HMI takes connectivity to the next level:

  1. One platform: by developing one HMI programme with a number of common parameters, we have streamlined the current array of different technical manuals into one central way of working. If replacement spare parts require changing, this can be done by a trained in-house operator or technician, rather than relying on the intervention of a software engineer. Plus, there is no need for in-depth knowledge of machine control to view advanced diagnostics.
  2. User-friendly interface: information is presented clearly on an easy-to-read front page and a full 17.3” HD performance screen. Large accessible buttons, together with self-explanatory icons and minimal use of text, further supports clarity.
  3. Intuitive navigation: close alignment with familiar smart device techniques – such as touch, scroll and swipe – as well as the ability to open any desired windows simultaneously, means operating our advanced HMI is second-nature.
  4. Modular screen architecture: built for flexibility, the system allows for quick and easy customisation of important features such as naming of settings and the login structure for the client.
  5. Foundation for future features: designed to act as a gateway for the integration of Industry 4.0 features and services, our advanced HMI is an investment for the future. Web connectivity, OEE, machine learning and AR/VR are all part of our vision. So too is the role of HMI as a virtual training centre, acting as a central source of information which may include manuals, training videos, help files and electrical schematics. These developments will arrive sooner than you think – are you ready?

Mpac Langen's advanced HMI
Talk to us about how our advanced HMI can help you connect to the future. We’d be delighted to discuss our integrated solutions.

Posted by Simon Mason