VENTO-i horizontal cartoner

How Mpac Langen’s packaging innovation strategy drives your machinery’s performance

By creating an environment for success, Mpac Langen’s innovation strategy delivers ongoing improvements to existing products and new packaging machinery automation solutions that anticipate customer needs.

How Mpac Langen’s customers benefit from an environment in which packaging innovation can thrive

Our deep market and customer knowledge, alongside nurturing and trust in our people, promotes calculated risk-taking. The result: our customers gain access to an empowered team of innovators ready to address both present and future challenges and needs.

We have created Centres of Excellence for special purpose, primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging at our worldwide manufacturing locations. Uniting ideas and sharing knowledge in this way creates powerful synergies to unleash the full creative potential of the group, resulting in improved solution delivery for our customers.

Delivering future-proofed packaging technology that is intelligent and sustainable

Manufacturers find themselves increasingly reactive to known and unexpected changes in both packing processes and technologies and the wider markets in which they operate. Our latest packaging innovation highlights demonstrate Mpac Langen’s ability to address and foresee these changes.

The SOLANO top-load case packer was the most successful product launch in the company’s history, enhancing our portfolio as a full solutions provider. As well as this, we recently launched two cartoners: the MAESTRO-i and the VENTO-i.

The MAESTRO-i ensures our indexing cartoning solutions are fully future-proofed, offering customers a highly flexible solution capable of handling multiple SKUs from a single machine. Based on our unique high-speed VENTO machine, the VENTO-i combines a small footprint with a hygienic design, resulting in superb accessibility and flexibility.

Also equipped to these machines is our human machine interface (HMI). With manufacturers increasingly reacting to both planned and unplanned changes in the markets in which they operate, as well as the packing process, such a development is essential to ensuring these challenges are effectively tackled. In addition, the HMI, available on all new machines, offers simple and straightforward access to predictive maintenance, helping to spot issues before they arise and maximising output and productivity.

Meeting the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0, our Cartoner 4.0 concept is a further 2018 innovation highlight. Driven by the rapidly increasing demand for intelligent packaging solutions, the cartoner uses two FANUC vision-system-equipped robots to pick and pack products of hugely varying shape and size. This creates a mutually beneficial human-robot working environment and is perfectly suited to the changing face of ecommerce warehouse distribution.

Alongside future-proofing our technology, we are investigating the greater use of innovative packaging materials to reduce the dependence on single-use plastics and increase the range of sustainable packaging machinery solutions for our customers. The shift away from single-use plastics is also underpinned by calls for an overall reduction in the amount of packaging material companies are using, challenging the industry to deliver new and creative solutions.

Continually improving our existing products with fresh innovations

Naturally, we are constantly developing our existing portfolio of solutions. Innovation is a core strategic pillar of our business and our senior leadership team routinely dedicates time to meeting customers, gaining valuable feedback and insights and feeding this into product and business development. The coming year will see these exciting product advancements developed further alongside fresh innovations we already have in the pipeline.

To find out more about how our range of innovative packaging machinery and automation solutions benefit your business, please contact us.

Posted by Simon Mason