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Celebrity chefs Rocky and Mayur check out Mpac Langen’s case packer for Nestlé India

Mpac Langen’s LRC-500 top-load case packer has been featured in a Nestlé India series with celebrity chefs Rocky and Mayur.

Mpac Langen are delighted to have been featured in a YouTube series watched by millions around the world. The video was part of the Maggi Noodles ‘Our Kitchen to Your Kitchen’ series in which celebrity chefs Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma take a guided tour around the Nestlé India factory in Tahliwal, Himachal Pradesh. A factory in which Mpac Langen’s LRC-500 top load case packing machine packs tens of thousands of Maggi instant noodles every day.

Watch from 2:10 to see the machine in action.

As Rocky and Mayur, who host a popular Indian travel and food show called ‘Highway On My Plate’, explain, Maggi Noodles are some of India’s favourite. Mayur tells us that, “No matter how remote a location we are in, there have always been Maggi Noodles”. This one factory alone makes over 100,000 packs of Maggi Noodles every day. An operation of this size requires the help of Mpac Langen’s automated solutions to quickly and carefully pack the finished noodles into cases.

The solution that the Maggi Noodles factory use is the LCR-500, a top load case packer that delivers durability, flexibility and speed – all from a machine with an impressively small footprint. These attributes help businesses around the world reduce their manufacturing time and costs.

As Rocky and Mayur explore the factory they watch as the freshly cut noodles race by on speeding conveyer belts. They follow them along the production line from beginning where they are cut to the end where they are packed into cartons by Mpac Langen’s LRC-500 top load case packer.

Why Nestlé India trust Mpac Langen

Speed and automation are vital requirements for the Maggi Noodle production process. Each LRC-500 is responsible for packing 96 packets every 10 seconds as part of this 24/7 operation.

In fact, in the time it took you to watch the Maggi video the LRC-500 in Nestlé India’s factories will have packed over 2,000 packets of Maggi Noodles.

One vital characteristic of the LRC-500 during the production of Maggi Noodles is its ability to offer great speed combined with a soft touch. When handling fragile food products Mpac Langen’s machines are capable of packing with great care to avoid breakage – ensuring that Maggi’s customers can enjoy long and whole noodles in every packet.

This video is a great example of how Mpac Langen’s packaging solutions can benefit manufacturing companies all around the world.
Our wide range of solutions can be fully integrated into your packaging lines, from primary through secondary to end-of-line.

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Posted by Simon Mason