Empack 2019: Sustainability, recycled food packaging and the growing pressures of e-commerce

On 3 and 4 April 2019, Mpac Langen travelled to Brabanthallen’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands to present our full range of industry leading packaging machinery and automation solutions at Empack, the packaging trade fair of the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is Empack?

Empack is a regional trade fair visited by hundreds of professionals representing top brands from a wide range of industries, including food and drink, wholesale and retailers and the pharmaceutical industry.

This year provided a fantastic opportunity for Mpac Langen to network with key decision makers and stakeholders across several markets. Showcasing our wide range of customizable packing machinery and automation solutions to buyers, operations and supply chain professionals.

Key Trends

Each year, Empack attendees are given a glimpse into the future through a wide range of talks and seminars given by industry thought leaders.

As has been the case at many events this year, a lot of conversations were focused on sustainability and the ways in which the packaging industry can face these 21st century challenges.

Over the course of the two-day event, several mini conferences were held, the first of which explored the evolving role of recycled plastic in the food packaging industry. Consisting of an in-depth discussion between four experts, the panel addressed pressing questions regarding new legislation, testing procedures and safety concerns surrounding new recycling processes in the packaging manufacturing supply chain.

Other mini conferences examined the relationship between e-commerce and wider industry sustainability concerns – inviting attendees to assess the collaborative ways in which the whole supply chain can work together to make the ever-increasing volumes of e-commerce packaging more sustainable.

Sustainability at Mpac Langen

As leading providers of packaging machinery and automation solutions, events like Empack are vital opportunities for Mpac Langen to maintain and build new relationships with industry professionals. We work closely with all our clients to provide custom solutions that are designed to fit their specific needs. Empack highlighted how sustainability is increasingly becoming one of these needs.

That is why at Mpac Langen, we are committed to increasing the range of sustainable packaging solutions available to our clients – through continuing to investigate innovative packaging methods and materials.

We look forward to returning to Empack again next year to share more of our expert knowledge and to observe how our industry has changed over the intervening 12 months.

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Posted by Simon Mason