B1-M manual load continuous cartoner

Why you should consider renting packaging equipment

Rental packaging equipment gives you access to our range of industry-leading packaging machinery and support services at a lower cost than an outright purchase. This means it is the ideal solution for dealing with a limited budget or short-term increase in production capacity.

Renting packaging equipment reduces costs

This is because the price of running packaging equipment is shifted from a larger capital expenditure to a more modest operating cost. As such, renting a machine is the ideal solution for businesses that have the long-term need for a packaging machine but not the cash flow to make a purchase.

The rental alternative prevents money wastage by allowing customers to see the machine in action before making a purchase. Customers can make decisions on the best machine for their needs based on tangible evidence, such as whether to choose a Manual load or Autoload cartoner. Combined with this are the attractive incentives offered with any machine purchase made during the rental period.

What are the benefits of renting packaging equipment from Mpac?

Our rental machines are brand-new and come with a choice of warranty options. Provided there is at least one machine available in the rental fleet, we can guarantee a standard delivery time of no more than two weeks. Once we’ve delivered and installed the machine, we then deliver a hassle-free set-up, ensuring your packaging machinery is up and running as soon as possible.

Increase your output with a rental solution

Whether this is planned or unplanned, a rental machine is the ideal solution for overcoming an increase in demand. You have access to Mpac’s range of secondary and end of line packaging machinery solutions as and when you require them. This is perfect for dealing with short-term contracts and new product launches,
allowing you to assess the potential savings, quality enhancements and efficiency improvements.

Contact us to find rental packaging equipment that suits your requirements and budget.

Posted by Simon Mason