Preventative maintenance of packaging machines

How an effective servicing programme can extend the life of your packaging machine

Buying packaging machinery usually means a significant initial investment that requires protection. Our range of service packages ensure your machine delivers maximum output for its entire lifetime.

Preventative maintenance: spot problems before they happen

By extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices, Industry 4.0, or the Internet of Things (IoT), has opened the door to machinery reporting in real time. We are fully prepared to embrace the benefits this brings, such as being able to identify potential machine issues in real time. Mpac Langen’s advanced human machine interface (HMI), offered on new machines, allows for easy navigation and simple access to this technological breakthrough. This advanced HMI helps to improve machine performance and productivity. In addition, with manufacturers increasingly needing to react to predicted and unpredicted changes in both the packing process and the markets in which they operate, our HMI also ensures packaging equipment is futureproofed and ready to deal with present day challenges.

A servicing strategy ensures optimum machine uptime

A service package is the ideal way to protect the sizeable initial investment involved when acquiring new packaging machinery equipment. Not only does this extend the life of your machine, it also ensures it operates at maximum efficiency.

Achieving this level of excellence is undoubtedly challenging and serves to highlight both the importance of an effective maintenance programme and the value of a long-term partnership. At Mpac, we provide bespoke solutions from our range of servicing modules that are specifically designed to complement the resources you already have. You receive the right support when you need it and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our services offering is based on our proactive approach to designing a package that is tailored to your specific needs, environment and products. This is then combined with our technological knowledge and expertise, resulting in a contract that enhances the effectiveness of your packaging machinery. By taking this approach to maintenance, and employing a regular maintenance programme, we help you to secure a worry-free packaging line operation.

The benefits of a long-term contract agreement for your packaging machinery

Establishing a long-term service and support contract is the ideal way to sustain maximum productivity from your packaging machinery. A comprehensive contract will ensure effective budgeting for servicing costs and a high level of servicing support and availability, as well as including any spare parts. These contracts should be shaped around the specific requirements of your packaging machinery and application. Only contracts tailored to your unique requirements can ensure this level of coverage and assistance.

Our long-term service agreements are formed from our servicing modules, including:

  • Service and support contracts – regular inspections to optimise efficiency and reliability
  • Product training – comprehensive programmes designed to ensure personnel are fully informed on machine operations
  • Remote support – and online and telephone helpdesk to answer mechanical and control questions. Spare parts – authentic, quality-assured parts that offer a reliable replacement.

Alongside this, we also offer a range of packaging machinery for rental. Choosing this option provides an excellent alternative way in which to access our market-leading range of solutions without capital expenditure. Our range of contract options provide flexibility and peace of mind.

At Mpac, we ensure all service and support contracts are tailor-made to expertly match specific customer needs. No one likes to waste money on excess aspects of a support package, so we ensure efficient and effective programmes that keep your packaging machinery in the best working condition.

Discover how to protect your packaging machinery investment with our servicing plans or contact us for more information.

Posted by Simon Mason