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International Women in Engineering Day – Yoselyn

Sunday June 23rd marks International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). The event is a global awareness campaign that aims to raise the profile of women in engineering and draw attention to the fantastic career opportunities available to women and girls in the industry.

This year’s INWED also aligns with the 100-year anniversary of the Women’s Engineering Society. To join in the celebration, we spoke to one of our talented female engineers from the Mpac Langen team to ask them more about their careers in engineering. We hope that that she can help inspire more girls to pursue some of the fantastic opportunities in the engineering industry today.

This profile is Yoselyn Plasencia, a software engineer at Mpac Langen’s location in Coventry. Yoselyn joined Mpac over four years ago after moving to the UK from Venezuela. We spoke to Yoselyn about her life and career so far.

‘Better never stops’

Yoselyn currently works as a software engineer on the special purpose machinery and technical consultancy team in Coventry. “She is a true reflection of the phrase ‘better never stops’ – she knows what she wants and she sets out to achieve it”, said her colleague.

Her positive approach to her work and insatiable willingness to help those around her makes her a valued member of the Mpac team. She is a talented young female software engineer working in what is currently a male dominated industry, and her drive and passion for engineering has helped her succeed throughout her life.

‘When things were broken, we didn’t replace them – we learnt how to fix them’

Yoselyn’s route to becoming a software engineer in Coventry was perhaps slightly different to most of her colleagues. She grew up in a favela in Venezuela where her passion for engineering first began. She explains that: “growing up in Venezuela, when things were broken, we didn’t replace them – we learnt how to fix them.”

Yoselyn then went on to say, “when I was younger, I spent a lot of time taking things apart and learning how to put them back together.” As a budding young engineer, it was at university that she pursued this passion, taking the hardest classes available to earn herself a place on the engineering course. Under the mentorship of one of her professors, she excelled and eventually decided to move to the UK.

Despite being in unfamiliar surroundings, Yoselyn managed to get an interview for a position at Mpac Langen. She was successful and has now been a member of team for over four years. As her colleague explains: “To have the talent and the drive to move to the UK, learn the language and secure such a technically difficult job is truly inspiring.”

“At Mpac it isn’t about being a woman or a man in engineering. It is simply about engineering and being the best that you can be.”

We asked Yoselyn what she thought being a woman in engineering had meant throughout her life. She expressed that, “there are not many times in my life where being a woman has made a difference for me in pursuing this career. Yes, in my classes at university I was one of only two girls, and yes, in the industry in general there are far fewer female than male engineers. But, for me, if you love something, these things don’t matter – you can achieve what you set your mind to.”

“At Mpac, it isn’t about being a woman or a man in engineering. It is simply about engineering and being the best that you can be,” Yoselyn notes. “I also spend my spare time as a volunteer helping young women in my local community. I think it is really important that they know there is no difference between being a man or a woman in engineering,” she added.

“If you love it, don’t let anyone tell you can’t – just do it.”

Yoselyn explained that one of her favourite things about her role at Mpac Langen was the challenge and variety which she faces every day. “The journey in every project where you take something that once seemed impossible and make it a reality, is one of the most rewarding parts of the job,” she remarked about this aspect. As a member of the special purpose team, Yoselyn and her colleagues are responsible for creating custom packaging machinery and automation solutions that solve problems for many of the world’s leading brands.

Yoselyn is one great example of an inspiring woman in engineering. In the spirit of INWED 2019, we asked Yoselyn if there was anything that she would say to young girls thinking about a career in engineering. Her message was clear: “if you love engineering then pursue it!” There are so many great opportunities for talented female engineers in the industry today and, as Yoselyn closed by saying, “If you love it, then don’t let anyone tell you can’t – just do it.”

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Posted by Simon Mason