Cartoner 4.0

Introduction to robotics in the packaging industry

With their flexibility and ability to switch easily between varying tasks, robots are fast becoming an integral part of packaging lines. As we move towards industry 4.0 we can expect robotics to play a more important role in packaging machinery.

Robots in packaging industry

Robots offer big advantages for secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions. They combine the ability to accurately and quickly perform repetitive tasks with the flexibility to change between different roles in the packaging line. Manufacturers see faster factory to market time and are able to provide a wider variety of cartoning, case packing and palletizing solutions.

Advantages of robotics

The compact design allows easy integration of robots in packaging industry tasks within many different factory settings. Robots can rotate around their own axis to pick up and place products, which ensures a small footprint, as well as making it easy for the robot to serve multiple lines and connect to packaging machines upstream and downstream. Quick and easy changeovers can be realised through reprogramming rather than retooling.

Robots are typically highly reliable, offering operational longevity with minimal maintenance and low total costs of ownership. They are highly effective in performing a range of automated packaging requirements, from repetitive tasks – offering fast, precise and gentle product handling – to packaging on-demand.


Mpac Langen offers robotic packaging solutions for secondary and end-of-line packaging applications. We have long-standing strategic partnerships with leading global robotics companies that allows us to provide fully integrated robotic solutions for cartoning, case packing and palletizing. Our bespoke solutions enable our customers to realise change-overs quickly and to handle a wide variety of products.

The rise of industry 4.0 is driving the need for more intelligent, robotic packaging solutions. The so-called fourth industrial revolution is a response to changing consumer behaviour, the rise of e-commerce and increasing global competition. This creates a demand for automated on-demand packaging, as well as packaging in small series and low volumes.

We developed our Cartoner 4.0 concept in line with industry 4.0. This robotic cartoning machine enables efficient and cost-effective packaging without the need for changeovers or adjustments. Using two collaborative FANUC robots, the prototype can recognise and pick up the product, load it into the right carton and then seal it. The current prototype can pack up to 20 cartons per minute and can handle a multitude of different products and cartons on demand. Discover more about how our Cartoner 4.0 can be integrated seamlessly and safely alongside existing human workers to improve efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

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Posted by Simon Mason