PackEx India 2019

Feeding One Billion: Mpac Langen at PackEx India 2019

On the 13-15 of September 2019, we will be exhibiting at PackEx India 2019. The event is India’s flagship packaging event and hosts industry leaders from across the subcontinent. Mpac’s focus over the course of the three-day event will be to help drive the uptake of fully- and quasi-automated packaging solutions throughout the region

Among the more than 10,000 key decision makers in attendance will be a significant number of professionals from India’s booming food and beverage industries. Constituting 40% of the national consumer-packed goods market, India’s rapidly growing food and beverage industry is the sixth largest of its kind in the world – and it shows no signs of slowing.

A Booming Trade

Thanks to a combination of liberalised foreign direct investment (FDI) policy and technological advancements, the sector, and as a result the country, has experienced rapid economic development. India’s volatile demography has also been in a factor in fuelling these changes.

Within the next decade India will become the most populous country in the world, with its current population of just over 1.3 billion reaching nearer 1.7 billion by mid-century. While this growth is forecast to come to an end, its impact on industry has already been felt. When accompanied by rampant urbanisation, the results on the food and beverage industry are significant for three main reasons.

  1. As the growing population becomes increasingly affluent, households have more disposable income. A high proportion of which is spent on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  2. The process of urbanisation leads to changes in consumption habits. People living in these urban environments have less time to spend on preparing their own food. So, demand for instant and ready-made solutions rises in tandem.
  3. All of this happens alongside a general trend in the population of changing tastes and expectations from their food products. Resulting in changing demands which the food and beverage market must adapt with.

Mpac in India

Mpac has been providing industry leading packaging machinery and automation solutions in India for years. Primarily focusing on the food and beverage industry, we have worked with several national favourites such as Nestle India and ITC.

Mpac’s LRC-500 top-load case packing machine is used in Nestle India’s Maggi Noddles factory in Tahliwal. You can watch this video to see how our technology helps pack 96 packets of Maggi noodles every 10 seconds.

While Mpac may be a popular choice among leading global brands, India is home to many new companies whose rapid growth has left them in a position where they require an automated packaging solution for the first time. Increasing levels of demand rendering manual human operations insufficient.

PackEx India 2019 serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the wide range of benefits that Mpac Langen’s packaging machinery and automation solutions have to offer to these new businesses.

With options perfect for stick pack and chain pack applications, Mpac’s solutions can service producers of popular products like infant food and powdered milk. These approaches also offer increased efficiency and sustainability due to the fact that they eliminate unnecessary secondary packaging by placing packs directly into boxes or bags.

The first step towards automation

Mpac’s focus at the event will be on increasing awareness of benefits of fully automated packaging solutions and helping companies take the first steps towards implementing them. Purchasing your first packaging machine can be a daunting prospect for small businesses. The jump from manual to fully automated operations may be intimidating.

That’s why Mpac will be exhibiting and showing video demonstrations of entry level semi-automated packaging solutions like the AIR-XL, a continuous motion infeed cartoner. This machine allows businesses the chance to experience the benefits of automation without having to commit to a fully automated system straight away. This flexibility is further increased by the fact that the AIR is available as part of Mpac’s rental program that has already been a hit at events earlier this year.

Taking these first steps towards automation will be key to the success of many Indian businesses who are riding the wave of growth within the country’s food and beverage industry. Mpac are confident that through exhibiting at events like this we will be a part of their success stories for years to come.

Posted by Simon Mason