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Infeeds: the essential element in integrated packaging solutions

Infeed systems are at the heart of any packing line. They are the essential connecting element transferring products from upstream production machines to downstream packaging equipment. It requires an expert view to design the right type of infeed best suited to handle the product.

Infeed systems are an essential element in any integrated packaging solution. Their crucial job is to provide a seamless and reliable high-speed transfer of products throughout the packing line. Infeed systems transfer products from upstream production machines to downstream primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging equipment. Even though many infeed systems are based on standardised solutions, they need to be tailored to the product, application and the factory settings.

At Mpac Langen, we have many years of expertise in designing infeeds for packaging machinery for many different applications, including the food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical markets as well as many other industrial sectors. Our diverse cross-industry experience allows us to leverage our experience and apply smart ideas to similar technical challenges across different sectors.

Carefully designing the right type of infeed will strongly contribute to the most cost-effective packing line with the highest levels of operational equipment efficiency (OEE). During the design process, many variables need to be taken into account, including the product characteristics, the speed of the packaging line and the number of lines.

The incoming product needs to be handled and prepared by the infeed for each step of the process. All the way from the production line to primary packaging equipment followed by cartoning, case packing and palletizing. Realising a seamless transfer may require synchronising of speeds or collation of products to match the speed of the individual machines. Likewise, products may require specific collation, formation and orientation for the next packaging stage.

The infeed system also needs to be integrated into the packaging line in a factory setting. That means factors such as the layout of the factory, possible space restrictions and the connections to upstream and downstream machines need to be considered. The system also needs to be integrated into the software program of the upstream machine. Software is a vital aspect that must be adapted to meet the specific needs of each project.

Mpac Langen offers proven infeed solutions for secondary and end-of-line applications, including systems such as Linear Servo Pack (LSP), index conveyor with pusher, dead plate and star wheels. Each of the different types of infeeds offers unique properties for realising a packaging solution that is tailored to the product and customer requirements. Our infeed systems are an integral part of any efficient packaging line.

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Posted by Jenny Millington