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The importance of brand packaging on customer experience

A strong brand creates loyal customers and healthy profits. Brand packaging is crucial for product protection and presentation to the consumer. Considering the packaging operation from the start can go a long way to creating a positive brand experience.

Packaging is a key vehicle for promoting a brand. It gives identity to your product, making it easily recognisable and differentiated from competitor products. But there are many aspects to take into consideration when designing brand packaging. To find out more we are talking with Frank Jeurissen, Global Account Manager for Mpac Langen.

Frank, how important is packaging in the overall consumer experience?

“Packaging is as important as the product it contains. The look and feel of the packaging may be the first tangible interaction that a consumer has with a brand. The x shape, choice of materials, printing and finishing of the packaging all contribute to the overall experience. Any messy aspects such as glue remains, scratches, deformations or other damages could negatively influence the consumer’s feelings towards the brand.”

So, what needs to be considered when designing brand packaging?

“The packaging needs to have a strong and sturdy construction to withstand the entire supply chain from start to finish. This includes manufacturing, different packaging stages, transportation, display, purchase and eventual consumer use. The latter stages may be influenced by considering sturdy but easy-to-use closures, packaging sizes and the orientation and formation of products inside the packaging.”

How can the choices made in the packaging design stage be realised in the best way?

“The key is to consider the designs in relation to the packaging machinery being used. At Mpac Langen we work in close partnership with our clients. By engaging with us early, we advise clients on how to enhance packaging design for automation on our equipment. All of our secondary and end-of-line machinery is based on a modular platform and tailored to the specific wishes of the client. This ensures careful handling of the product together with high operational efficiency.”

What kind of brand packaging design choices should we think of?

“The most attractive, efficient and cost-effective packaging design can be realised by taking a holistic approach. This includes an optimal relation between the choice of material, the amount of material, the strength of the carton shape, the closure construction and product presentation techniques. Through early consultation, we also help our clients to develop solutions for novel brand packaging ideas.”

Can you give an example of such a project?

“A high-end alcoholic drinks manufacturer asked us to develop and deliver a unique, automated cartoning system for a high-quality bottle packing solution. Traditionally these complex, two-piece packs were assembled using high volumes of manual labour. But through the ingenuity of our engineers, Mpac was able to automate every element of this complex process.

We also worked with Unilever UK from concept to realisation of a bespoke, high-speed manufacturing and cartoning process for revolutionary pyramid tea bags. At the end of the day, all of our packaging machinery solutions are catered towards one common goal: allowing our customers to deliver a perfect brand packaging experience that will ultimately boost sales.”

If you would like to discuss how your packaging design could be optimised to support your brand identity, please contact us.

Posted by Jenny Millington