Assembly automation and robotics

Flexible, multi-tasking and highly efficient, our advanced assembly automation and robotics solutions are a vital part of manufacturing lines. From small to complex automation needs, Mpac’s packaging systems deliver measurable results.

Offering the latest developments in instrumentation and control techniques, Mpac’s robotic solutions will transform your manufacturing operations.

Enabling greater automation, higher efficiencies and cost reductions, our robotic systems can be integrated into production lines to perform a variety of automated packaging applications reliably, safely and with precision. These include:

  • Automated assembly and filling
  • Tray loading and unloading
  • High-speed pick and place, case packing and palletizing
  • Product orientation
  • Handling of cartons and products
  • Multiple pack configurations on one line

R&D benefits

Built to be easily reprogrammed and moved between different tasks, robotics can also be highly beneficial in supporting new product development projects in pilot plants.

Mpac’s robotic cells can be adapted rapidly to allow a variety of new product concepts to be manufactured using the same base machine. Test results can then be used to develop higher-speed production solutions; helping to reduce the time to market.

High specification automation

For particularly exacting and complex materials handling needs, Mpac has the specialist expertise to offer advanced automation solutions through its range of packaging machines. Benefits include:

  • High-speed continuous motion solutions for intricate processes
  • Vision systems for product orientation and position verification
  • Inspection of difficult to handle products
  • Precise optical measuring systems

For information on how you can use robotics in your packaging environment contact Mpac - the packaging machinery company.