Assembly automation & robotics

Robots bring additional flexibility to manufacturing because they are easily re-programmed and can be moved between numerous different tasks. We have experience with a wide variety of robotic solutions including Cartesian twin axis, SCARA four axis, six axis and vision-guided systems. Our solutions employ the latest developments in instrumentation and control techniques.

Typical applications for robotics include automated assembly and filling of inhalers, handling of injection-moulded parts, integrating with linear vibratory and bowl feeders, tray unloading and various component orientation systems. Robotics is also ideal for high-variety packaging, where multiple pack configurations and products are to be produced on the same line.

Pilot plant solutions

Due to their flexible nature, robotics can be an ideal choice to support R&D activities and where pilot plant solutions are required, such as for clinical trials, market testing and manufacturability tests.

Mpac Langen has designed robotic cells allowing the manufacture of a wide variety of different product concepts on the same base machine; Product-specific tooling can be rapidly changed over to enable the different product families to be produced. Once tests and trials are complete, the results are used to develop and build higher-speed production solutions, therefore helping to reduce lead times for launching new products to market.