Automated bottle packaging machine

Bottles are one of the most demanding applications for automated packaging due to the sheer variety of products, configurations and industry requirements. Mpac takes care of all the details and ensures you benefit from integrated secondary and end-of-line bottle packing solutions that tick every box.

Luxury packaging
Mpac Langen has built up extensive knowledge for handling bottles for high-end spirits, champagne and wines. We provide unique, mid- and high-speed bottle packaging machines for bottles in gift boxes such as cartons, tubes, or a combination of the two. Within this range, we can fill cartons horizontally and vertically. Robotic loading of cartons to the machine can also be added.

Industry knowledge
From pharmaceuticals to personal care products and beverages, bottling applications often require a complex response. Our customers benefit from integrated packing solutions which feature high-capacity infeeds from bulk, folded (wrap around) leaflets, at-line bar code verification, data printing and verification, product loading and verification, as well as fast and reliable carton erection, tuck-in flap closure and sealing.

Novel packaging
We also know that brands evolve and new products arrive. This brings added challenges in the form of unusual bottle shapes, distinctive sleeve designs and multiple pack configurations, particularly in the beverages sector.

Mpac’s range of standard and customised cartoning, sleeving, case packing and palletizing equipment, with the use of latest technologies, means these changes are not an issue.

We retain considerable experience in:

  • Developing novel packaging formats that are web-based, such as paper, laminates and multi-layered packaging
  • Collaborating with the customer to design new packaging shapes or look to different formats to reduce the cost price of the package
  • Delivering the necessary high-speed equipment to form, fill and seal newly designed packages

Most importantly, our machines are built to be robust, reliable and easy to maintain, saving you time and money over their lifetime.

Focus on quality
First impressions count - particularly when it comes to luxury products. There is no room for damage or even the smallest scratch. That’s why we have developed unique features for gentle and positive product handling to achieve the required high-quality standards. These include:

  • Carton-carrying system to prevent damage by sliding cartons through the machine
  • Patented five-head rotary feeder to handle lower-quality cartons for improved carton erection
  • Automatic glue adjustment to react to changes in speed
  • Open-flap detection to ensure cartons and tubes are closed correctly
  • Dedicated design for smooth operation when feeding bottles into the carton or tube
  • Automatic, accurate and repeatable changeovers in limited time