Novel packaging

We develop packaging ideas and help to make them a commercial reality through new packaging machinery and processes.

The need to innovate in packaging has never been greater. Whether to protect leading brands, improve shelf presence, reduce packaging costs or to support environmental initiatives, businesses choosing innovation in their packaging solutions will lead their markets.

Our experience with a wide variety of materials and intricate product designs enables us to generate new solutions in, for example, novel closures, resealability and stay-fresh packaging. We have also delivered solutions for improved portion control, anti-counterfeit security and increased consumer convenience.

Sustainability is also a major concern for all market sectors and many initiatives are underway. These efforts seek to reduce packaging conversion costs and packaging waste through innovation and may include, for example, eco-friendly materials, refillable pack concepts and reduction in layers of packaging.

Luxury packaging

Of all the types of goods on our shelves, luxury items especially benefit from novel packaging solutions. Packaging type and form relays a powerful message to the consumer, so for luxury goods the design, choice of materials, print and finish is fundamental to the success of the product.

Often, standard machinery solutions are not able to support this type of packaging. Mpac Langen designs and develops machine solutions to take luxury packaging solutions into economic, higher-volume manufacture, without compromising on the quality or exclusivity of the brand. This enables customers to grow into new markets whilst at the same time reducing cost of goods and improving unit profitability.