Flow wrappers and stick pack machines

Integrated packaging solutions tailored for individual flow wrap and stick pack applications

Flow-wrapped bars, stick packs and shelf-ready trays are all regular features in packaging lines, but every operating environment is different. With extensive experience built up over decades, Mpac Langen can be relied on to deliver secondary packaging solutions for stick packs and flow wrapped items for each customer and product – every time.

Optimal flexibility for flow wraps and trays

Mpac Langen can help you make the most of exciting opportunities in flow wrapped bars and trays. Our wide range of high-speed secondary packaging solutions for horizontal cartoning flow wrapped products has been developed to keep pace with the diversity of products and increasing line speeds, such as long-dwell wrappers, on-edge wrappers and standard wrappers, which all require different speeds and precision.

As your chosen packaging machinery partner, we develop integrated solutions that are matched to your specific needs. We also pay close attention to specific details, which vary between projects, such as product characteristics, foil performance, load patterns and carton designs.

So, whether you want to improve infeed speeds and capacity, save floor space or secure cost savings, Mpac will provide the most suitable combination of infeed, cartoning and end-of-line equipment.

Exceptional stick pack handling

The ever-popular stick pack offers huge scope in terms of product applications – but requires a specialist approach when it comes to product handling and packaging.

We remain at the forefront of these exciting developments; setting the industry standard by satisfying increasingly challenging production demands. This extensive knowledge means we are equally adept at packing sticks into cartons as into flexible bags. We also know how to accommodate specific details, such as the characteristics of a stick pack filled with liquid versus a powder-based alternative.

Our stick pack packaging solutions are designed to add value and ensure optimal output. Key features include, but are not limited to:

  • Unique FLEXCOUNT technology; built to guarantee a precise pack count, with the capability to add flexibility in stick dimensions and other counts when needed
  • Sampling units to provide a single sample from each lane of a vertical-form-fill-seal (VFFS), without interrupting production
  • An optional bulk loading item, which can be added to create a bulk pack for special requirements
  • Quick and easy changeovers that are repeatable and adaptable to different formats, but still maintain high reliability and product control
  • Complete integration from the infeed and collations systems to cartoning (VENTO-i), case packing and palletizing (LRC 600, LRC 700).

Discover more about our stick pack, flow wrap, bag and tray solutions and contact Mpac Langen - the packaging machinery company.