New product introduction

We have a proven track record of helping customers to develop and launch new products quickly and ahead of the competition. To do this we use a tried-and-tested new product development (NPD) process that ensures products are commercially viable and optimised for manufacture.

We facilitate or take part in client brainstorming sessions, providing fresh ideas based upon our experience in many different market sectors. We add value by bringing an early manufacturing perspective to new concepts, helping to rank and filter out the best ideas for further investigation (a fast-to-fail approach). Existing products are also enhanced using this process, for example, by improving the product with new features that make it easier to use, more attractive on the shelf or lower cost to produce.

We then help to drive good ideas forward by developing designs, investigating and selecting materials and producing mock-ups. We then manufacture production-quality samples that can be used in consumer trials and market testing. These are often produced using semi-automated, low volume equipment, which is also used to prove high-risk manufacturing processes as a key input to the main machine design. Our central philosophy of risk management ensures that critical features of a product and difficult processes associated with its manufacture are isolated and addressed in a systematic manner.

Specific areas where we can add value include, for example, innovative closure features, re-sealability, novel carton formats, child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging as well as solutions for flexible packaging.

We have delivered a wide range of packaging innovations including novel carton designs for beverages, hermetically sealed and recloseable packs for stay-fresh products, injection mouldings for personal care, new coffee and tea bag formats and solutions for anti-counterfeit and traceability. Our history of innovative solutions demonstrates that we are able to succeed with products and processes that are truly new and unique.