Automated pouch packaging machine solutions

Secondary packaging solutions for bag-in-box and pouch packaging

Bag-in-box and pouches are well-established packaging choices for a wide range of applications. Mpac offers a complete range of high-performance pouch packaging machines designed to handle the diverse requirements of our customers with ease, from infeed through to palletizing.

Bag in box

The bag-in-box application is a common way to present fast-moving consumer goods on retail shelves and is widely used, particularly in the food sector.

Cost-efficiency, product protection, hygiene and superior shelf appearance, as well as convenience at home, are key benefits that secondary packaging systems are expected to deliver. So too is knowing how to ensure even distribution of product content or integrate the addition of a spoon/leaflet feeding system, checkweigher or metal detector.

We understand these concerns and have developed a range of bag-in-box solutions to meet the demands of different manufacturing operations.

Manual infeed: suitable for low production or short promotional bag-in-box runs, our manual load cartoner offers the ability to run small or large carton sizes for single or double bags; an efficient and economical option. Machines can also be rented for added convenience, if required.

Automatic infeed: enables single or multiple baggers to be fed automatically into a single cartoning machine, such as the VENTO-i, to achieve specific production targets. Final specification, in terms of cartoning machine and infeed system, is tailored according to the required speed, bag count and carton size.


Our engineering ingenuity means its secondary packaging equipment can be integrated with single and multiple pouch-making machines. This versatility makes it the ideal solution for intermediate and high-speed operations; particularly as pouch portfolios evolve towards smaller batches and greater variety.

By developing dedicated infeed systems and cartoning machines specifically for pouch applications, Mpac offers one of the most complete portfolios with the highest efficiencies available and optimal layout solutions.

We know that high end-product quality is vital for this type of product which is frequently displayed in highly visible retail locations. That’s why our equipment features dedicated technologies, such as pre-opening and carton flight carriers (lugs), which optimise carton erection and protect cartons from dents and scratches.

Contact us to discuss the perfect bag-in-box or pouch solution for your packaging line.