Dosing & filling

We have developed many liquid and powder filling machines over the years to meet the challenging dosing and filling requirements for liquid and powder products across a variety of sectors.

We understand that a common dosing method is not suitable for all products. Our rigorous approach to laboratory sampling and bench testing helps determine the tolerances of the product and identifies the ideal process parameters and operating ranges to use in designing an appropriate and versatile dosing system for the manufacturing environment.

Powder dosing and powder filling machines

We are specialists in the design of precision powder dosing and powder micro-dosing, and powder filling machines. We are also particularly skilled at working with difficult to handle substances from those which are sticky and highly cohesive, to fine and delicate.

We have experience handling delicate pharmaceutical powders and ensuring product integrity throughout the dosing process. Maintaining the chemical structure of the product is essential. Active ingredients are often fragile and need to be stabilised with an excipient, or inactive ingredient. Sometimes the bond to the excipient is fragile, calling for very careful handling of the product. We are familiar with these challenges and provide powder filling machines that are sensitive to these fragile chemicals and specialised ingredients. 

Liquid dosing and filling machines

Mpac Langen is highly skilled in the precise dosing and filling of liquids, gels, and aerosols. Precision dosing reduces ‘give-away’, improves product quality and ensures regulatory compliance. We have the capabilities to work with aerosol perfumes, gels and creams, drinks and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and beauty products, detergents and household products, food ingredients and medicines.

A fundamental understanding of the product's characteristics is essential as a key input to the design of our filling equipment solutions. This will impact, for example, on the choice of pump technology and the methods of ensuring a precise, homogenous dose, without splashing, spilling or contamination. Whether dosing smaller quantities such as additives, perfumes and colourings or filling more specialised containers, Mpac Langen the experience to deliver the solution.

We are experts in the high-speed and precise dosing and filling of:

 powders / liquids / granules / gels / solids