Special purpose machinery

Our customers choose us as their technical partner to help them meet their processing and packaging challenges.  We have almost 30 years' experience in the design and build of special purpose machines that are unique to each customer and each product.

Our customers benefit from our experience and expertise across a variety of market sectors. The advanced solutions we provide are innovative, ingenious and often developed from first principles. This provides our customers with long-term competitive advantage and differentiation in their markets.

Typically our customers have a new product to introduce or an existing product that needs revitalising. Reasons for this may be to help protect a key brand, capitalise on emerging markets, embrace lean manufacturing princlples or reduce carbon footprint.

Our core skills include the handling and filling of powders, infusions, liquids, solids and gels. We are also experts in the handling and conversion of reel-fed and board-based materials including delicate filter papers, films, carton-board and laminates. Assembly automation and the use of robotics to support manufacture is another key skill area in the design of our special purpose machines. Mpac Langen supplies custom packaging machinery solutions to speed up existing production lines, improve product quality and increase flexibility, enabling significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

Our well-proven, risk-managed process delivers ‘fast-track’ projects providing you with the special purpose machinery for full-scale production, faster than your competitors. We also offer support services for the full life-cycle of the machine.