Web handling machines

We have a wealth of experience in developing web handling machines and converting reel-fed materials.

In terms of automation, web handling and converting refers to the processing of reel based, thin and flexible materials. The typical materials processed using web handling machines include paper, nonwoven textiles and films.

We have worked with a wide range of materials from fine and delicate filter papers to laminate films and even steel, in single or multi web processing.

High speed web handling with typical speeds of 1 – 3 metres per second is our speciality. We are experts in controlling and converting reel-based materials with state-of-art solutions for closed loop tension control, active web tracking, accurate registration control and auto-splicing mechanisms. Solutions incorporating zones of continuous and intermittent motion to facilitate complex conversions are commonplace.

Reel-fed material processing

We have experience with a wide variety of web processing solutions. Particular skills include design of innovative mechanisms to fold, form and manipulate product in a variety of different ways. Precision lamination, in register of multiple layers, is also a key strength. Other operations include a wide variety of cutting technologies such as rotary, shear, platen and laser cutting. Sealing technologies are also a core area with particular skills in heat sealing and ultrasonics. Typical in-line quality checks include vision-system inspection and pinhole detection.

We are experts in...developing automated web handling machines and converting reel-fed materials such as:

paper / nonwoven textiles / films