Maintenance services to maximise overall equipment effectiveness

Support services that enable continuous, optimised production

Regular preventive maintenance assessments and actions, together with repairs on demand, maximise your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by keeping your machines in prime condition.

As well as putting technicians on site for timely corrective and preventive maintenance tasks, we provide project management, outage planning, spare parts, advice and upgrade recommendations as a part our total customer support (TCS) service.

We offer a range of maintenance services to suit all customers, whatever their requirements. You can adapt these to ensure that our support complements your own in-house capabilities efficiently, while offering comprehensive, responsive coverage.

Framework and call-off contracts incorporate agreed terms and conditions, and a pricing structure for spares, field service, overhauls and equipment rental. If you want to draw more on your own resources, you can set up a supportive contract service agreement; this gives you easy access to priority technical support, with basic inspections by Mpac engineers on an annual basis to identify any maintenance issues. Rapid response ensures downtime is kept to a minimum, and planned outages can be arranged within your schedule.

We can also monitor your machine’s performance remotely; this is a resource-efficient way of keeping it in optimum condition and free of significant faults. We analyse the data we receive from the equipment; based on this, we provide expert technical advice on areas requiring attention or opportunities for improvement.

Our maintenance services are just one part of our comprehensive, flexible services programme that also covers technical and operator training, modernisations and upgrades, and spare parts policies.

Mpac supports customers worldwide, with operating sites in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands, alongside sales and service locations in Singapore and Thailand. Our global service team resources allow us to support you locally, wherever you are in the world.