Optimising your installation’s entire lifetime performance with modernisations and upgrades

Our relationship with you can extend profitably far beyond your initial purchase. We can help you respond to major market changes, new safety standards, and wear and tear issues within your own equipment with modernisations and upgrades. We’ll install hardware and software upgrades as they become available, or modernise a complete machine if appropriate.

Our packaging systems have a reputation for providing robust and reliable service – and we have many tools to maintain your packaging installation at its peak of performance and market compatibility throughout the full lifecycle of your packaging machinery. These range from technology upgrades and refurbishments to future planning and process development.

Hardware and software upgrades

  • Meet new safety standards or improve machine performance
  • Reduce ownership costs and improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Flexibility to produce more formats

New technologies from leading global suppliers

Current technologies include:

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix upgrades
  • Safety controllers and safety circuits to meet CAT requirements
  • Electronic line shafting to replace mechanical linkages
  • Allen-Bradley Integrated Motion control and K6000 drives
  • Allen-Bradley gantry robot controller
  • Servo driven carton feeder
  • Upgrade to human-machine interface (HMI) and incorporation of vision systems to track and trace production

Modernising your equipment may represent better value than purchasing a new machine

Our retrofit packages include:

  • Installation of components and modifications to meet new safety standards
  • Improvements to machine performance with modern innovations and upgrades
  • Simple refurbishments of old machines

Simplified preventive maintenance

  • Mpac offers rebuild kits that focus on convenience and preventive maintenance
  • We have identified all the standard parts most susceptible to wear and tear, and have designed kits that are quick to order, simple to install and, like you, take proactive measures towards hassle-free continuous operations

Keep updated on your installation’s status

  • Pre-planned site visits to complete full checks of machine operation and settings

Ensure your staff’s performance keeps pace with your installation

Maintain impetus for ongoing development

  • New product development
  • Continuous Improvement programmes

Our ongoing modernisation and upgrade strategies will maximise your packaging installation’s performance for its entire lifetime. You minimise your downtime and reduce your costs, and can continue to achieve operational excellence.