A packaging machine spare parts strategy that minimises process disruption

Mpac supplies original, quality-assured original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts at competitive prices. This guarantees reliable material quality, while eliminating the risk of delays arising from replacement parts that are substandard, incorrectly sized, or incomplete. Our OEM spare parts are stocked locally for dispatch anywhere in the world.

Packaging machine spare parts and replacements are an inevitable part of any manufacturing operation, but our strategies, technology and worldwide stockholding combine to minimise any interruption to your everyday production cycle

We offer spare parts options with each new machine. Various packages are available, with coverage for six months, one year or sometimes two years, depending on your purchase.

Then, during the operational lifetime, we can implement – or help you plan – a preventive maintenance schedule, so that parts on each machine are replaced as they approach the end of their operational life. We use our experience to ensure that each component’s replacement interval relates to its statistical operational life expectancy.

We also offer rebuild kits that focus on convenience and preventive maintenance. Mpac has identified all the standard recommended spare parts that are most susceptible to wear and tear and has designed kits that are quick to order, simple to install and support your proactive measures towards hassle-free continuous operation.