Increased productivity through world-class product training

A serious commitment to training is essential to sustainable operational success. Our highly experienced trainers can perform customised operator and maintenance training services at the Mpac facility or at your final installation site.

To get the most from your packaging machine, it’s essential that your production employees and Mpac service staff are highly knowledgeable in its use and maintenance. This begins with installation, where effective training reduces start-up costs considerably and allows the packaging equipment to reach its target performance more rapidly.

After reaching full operational efficiency, the productivity and uptime benefits of well-trained, well-motivated operators and technicians will continue throughout the lifetime of the installation. To establish this environment, we will consult with you in developing a product training program that covers core learning objectives while being tailored specifically to your situation.

start-up efficiency
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Mpac product training brings many advantages:

Customised training services:

Providing for basic machine operation through to world-class operator and maintenance training

Operator and technician training:

Foundation packaging machinery training, including:

  • basic machine familiarisation
  • safety training
  • setup instruction
  • operator training
  • troubleshooting and maintenance training

Formal, structured training development:

Mpac Langen’s highly experienced trainers use a well-proven development process:

  • Needs assessment study
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Develop training plan and course overview
  • Implement training: FAT and SAT
  • Measure the training value
  • Comprehensive documentation.

Comprehensive coverage:

We provide efficient and effective training for not only Mpac equipment but also for complete line integration programs.

Installation lifetime support:

Refresher courses can be provided for both operators and maintenance team.

Maximising the benefits of your Mpac machine