Our innovation strategy

The current and future role of developing world class innovative packaging solutions

An innovation strategy underpinning our evolving capabilities that provides our customers with market-leading innovative packaging solutions both now and in the future.

An innovation strategy with people at its heart

Being close to our customers is crucial to how we operate. It allows us to capture and then act on valuable feedback and insights, ensuring our machines continue to lead the global packaging machinery market.

Alongside this deep market and customer knowledge, we foster an environment across the Mpac Group in which innovative thinking and calculated risk-taking are championed. As a result, our customers have access to an empowered team of innovators ready to address their needs. This is then bolstered by the strong ties we have established with industry thought leaders and academics from across the globe.

To enhance this innovative approach, we have established Centres of Excellence for primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging across our manufacturing locations. Through these Centres, we will continue to unleash the full creative potential of the group, reinforced by the introduction of common working practices. Sharing knowledge and expertise in this way enhances machine build and delivery, resulting in optimal operational effectiveness.

Innovative, future-proofed packaging machinery technologies

Our strategy enables us to anticipate, as well as react to, customer needs. By having a future-proofed approach, we deal with both predicted and unpredicted changes in the constantly evolving markets in which we operate, helping our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Our advanced human-machine interface (HMI) is one way in which we have responded to changing manufacturing environments. Benefiting from the extension of internet connectivity, beyond standard devices offered by Industry 4.0, Mpac Langen’s advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) platform provides the ability to unlock the potential of the vast amount of data generated by the machine during production. This information can then be tailored to suit the specific needs of each customer. The resulting benefits include increased machine uptime and enhanced operator usability.

Mpac Langen's advanced HMI

We have not limited our forward-thinking approach to technologies. To play our part in securing the future of the planet, we are investigating greater use of new and innovative packaging materials. The aim is to reduce manufactures reliance on single-use plastics; whilst increasing our range of sustainable packaging machinery solutions.

Enhancing our existing product offering

Producing and maintaining a culture based on creativity allows us to evaluate our existing products. In turn, customers can benefit from having their machines enhanced by the latest packaging machinery technologies, allowing them to remain up to speed with the latest developments in their markets and sustain a competitive advantage.

And, of course, all new packaging machinery equipment is backed by our comprehensive range of tailor-made service and support solutions. These are essential to a worry-free packaging line operation, ensuring the innovative packaging solutions we provide are protected for the installation’s full lifecycle.