Packaging machine rental – a great alternative approach

A rental option will reduce costs, yet it still comes with access to outstanding cartoning machines, fast delivery times and all Mpac’s support services – many contract options are available.

Packaging machine rental is an excellent alternative when dealing with a limited budget or a temporary increase in production capacity. You can rent a machine that is completely inspected directly from the OEM or rent a new machine with the latest safety standards and technological features. You will not only have access to outstanding cartoning machines, but also to all other services provided by Mpac.

If you require a fast delivery time for your cartoning machine, we can offer this as one of our rental service’s numerous benefits.

Another advantage is that we offer an attractive financial incentive if you decide to purchase the machine at any time during the rental period.

We offer various contract types to suit a range of different requirements and we are always happy to discuss which option would be best for your specific circumstances

Reasons to rent
There are many circumstances under which machine rental can offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your cartoning requirements:

  • If you need a cartoner to run short-term contracts.
  • If you have a long-term need but not the cash flow to purchase the machine.
  • If you need a cartoner to overcome a sudden peak in demand.
  • If you need a cartoner for a new product launch until the demand justifies a new line.
  • If you have you maximised hand packing capacity and require limited automation but are not ready to make a capital commitment.
  • If you have never owned a cartoner and are unsure of the potential savings, quality enhancements and efficiency improvements that could be achieved with an Mpac Langen cartoner.