Dedicated healthcare packaging solutions

We have deep knowledge and experience of the healthcare sector in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. This has given us a profound understanding of your business and the key drivers in your market, such as the impact of ageing populations, premiumisation and the need for recyclable healthcare packaging.

As a strategic partner, we support our clients to turn innovative healthcare ideas into commercial solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Throughout the years, we have developed and built a wide variety of primary, secondary and end-of-line healthcare packaging machinery for many different applications. Our solutions support packaging or automated assembly of machinery for devices such as blood diagnostic strips, colostomy pouches, wound care products, facial tissues, dentifrice, nutrition products and ostomy bags.

Our liquid stick pack solution helped Nattermann Pharmaceuticals of the Sanofi group achieve breakthrough speed and flexibility improvements. Seamlessly implementing complex packaging formats with rapid changeover speeds allowed us to achieve targets of 1,200 antacid sticks per minute.

“Mpac was the best company for the project, both in terms of product quality and levels of knowledge. Since installation, the machine has proved to be robust and extremely reliable; delivering the right results without disruption.”

- Head of Engineering and Maintenance Production, Nattermann Pharmaceuticals

We have successfully innovated special purpose equipment for automated assembly, inspection and packaging of a diverse range of medical and healthcare products. Our expertise has enabled us to develop proven processes for the use of difficult to handle materials, including delicate papers, foils, laminate films or web media. Our range of flexible secondary and end-of-line packaging machinery is regularly deployed to carton, case pack and palletize products such as contact lenses, plasters, feminine products and facial tissues.

We are experienced in supporting our clients in the development of new products that add value to the consumer. Our know-how allows us to comply perfectly with stringent regulations that apply in different countries and markets, including validation, traceability/serialisation and hygienic standards. Likewise, our technical expertise allows us to develop and realise the most efficient and cost-effective integrated packaging line solution with the highest operational efficiency.

Deep knowledge and experience of healthcare applications