New product packaging machinery and process improvement solutions

Mpac Langen’s special purpose engineering solutions for new product packaging machinery in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food and beverage sectors will turn your future product vision into a commercially viable reality.

Our engineers, expert at commercialising innovation, support you throughout the product packaging machinery development lifecycle. This includes concept designs, feasibility studies, technology proving, prototyping and constructing bespoke special purpose machinery, followed by manufacturing multiple machines, service and support.

The same expert engineering teams can totally reimagine and engineer your existing packaging line solutions introducing improvements in speed, changeovers, operator requirements and processes.

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New product packaging

Packaging is a core element of new product development and plays a vital role in its feasibility and commercial success. Brands investing in packaging solutions innovation are better positioned to differentiate their products and lead their markets. Applying our unique stage-gate process that reduces your engineering risk, our expert engineers design and construct high-speed assembly automation and robotics solutions for complex applications.

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Packaging process improvement solutions

Existing packaging lines that have been operating over long time periods may now be outdated, reducing the productivity of your operation and the profitability of your products. We optimise your packaging processes by introducing new special purpose machinery incorporating the latest automation and robotics technologies.

New product integration

Our expert engineers help you leverage your existing packaging infrastructure - and your brand - by adapting it or introducing special purpose machinery to integrate product variations and new products.

Special purpose machinery

As a custom packaging company, we build first-of-a-kind packaging automation machinery for new products and brand extensions that automates your packaging lines, with the objective of optimising performance and improving your brands’ profitability.

Technical consultancy

Our engineering team provides technical consultancy with expert insights. Our unique stage gate process assists with the technology proving and feasibility of your new product packaging.

Contact us to find out how your brand will benefit from our ingenious packaging machinery and automation solutions, incorporating our expertise in concept design studies, web handling, powder dosing, novel packaging and assembly automation and robotics.