Customer benefits

Exceptional dosing precision

Industry-leading speeds of approximately 7,000 doses per minute

Increased output x 2.5

Dose weight modification

Compact machine footprint

Reduced operating costs

Rapid product changeover

Provided in multi-dose format


Pharmaceutical innovator and manufacturer for multi-dose inhaler.


To develop a high-speed process for the precision dosing, filling, inspection and sealing of a powdered drug product into individual blisters. For use in developing a new chemical entity (NCE) production of blister strips for the innovator’s latest multi-drug inhaler devices.

The ability to handle a wide variety of different drugs, including blends containing Magnesium Stearate, was essential. In each case, small dose specifications (approximately 13 mg) meant that weights needed to be controlled with tight standard deviation.


Mpac Langen responded with a new dosing system, designed specifically to meet these exacting requirements.

Our blister packaging machinery produces and inspects individual blisters on-line, then closes them using a heat-seal lidded process. By integrating an innovative, continuous motion, the powder dosing head improves accuracy significantly and enables dose weights to be modified in accordance with individual drug specifications. A compact footprint also provides easy operation and low-maintenance benefits.

Equally important to the investment decision is the fact that this technically-advanced solution is not only believed to be the world’s fastest blister forming and filling machine, it is also backed by proven results. As it is currently in use in numerous production sites across Europe and the USA, performance data is available to demonstrate that installation of the equipment leads to significant reductions in the cost of goods sold, where much higher throughput is achieved with the same level of resources.

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