Customer benefits

Highly efficient automated line

Multiple SKUs on one line

Quick changeovers and high flexibility

Versatile line formations

Flexible in speed, count and bag style

Proven, precise, pack-counting technology

High quality, shelf-ready output

Efficient project management

Partnership approach

Solution Highlights

Leading food manufacturer.


To introduce a fully automated, continuous motion packaging system for packing sticks into flexible bags. This needs to be capable of handling frequent SKU changes in terms of stick products, bag style and bag dimensions.

Solution to deliver seamless integration, allow for rapid changeovers and achieve high productivity levels.


Mpac teamed up with UVA Packaging to create the perfect system for the manufacturer’s specific needs.

The solution combined our unique FLEXCOUNT counting technology – proven in use in nearly 100 installations worldwide – with a continuous motion vertical-form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine from UVA Packaging.

This novel configuration meant that multiple SKUs could be handled by one, fully automated, packaging line.

Efficiency levels were improved thanks to seamless project management and a collaborative approach. Our precise and flexible technology produced the correct stick count for each SKU, while the versatile, high-speed bag packer switched seamlessly between bag formats. Rapid changeover features enhanced the smooth operation further.

By bringing together two exceptional secondary packaging systems, we successfully delivered an effective solution to a complex brief.

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