Customer benefits

Cost effective

Multiple bagger integration

Tailored machine solutions

Efficient in-feed system

Durable and reliable

High-speed operation

Shelf-ready quality

Reliable collation

Hygienic design


Infant food manufacturer.


To handle the output from two existing vertical-form-fill-seal (VFFS) bag packers into a single cartoner – and co-ordinate the additional infeed of unwrapped spoons from bulk.

Each box to contain a single bag of infant cereal and spoon.


This bag-in-box application required careful management and a fully integrated system to maximise operational efficiency.

The two, independently-running vertical bagger machines were combined with a high-speed, three-level bomb bay infeed – (also known as a split tray sorter or flat sorter) – to load the cereal bags into our MAESTRO hygienic continuous cartoner.

The system incorporated a bulk hopper with bowl feeder to orient the unwrapped spoon into a single conveyor, which then synchronised electronically with the cartoner pitch and used a servo-driven rotary wheel to deliver the spoon to each box.

This streamlined approach also featured a purpose-designed cartoner bucket to transport the bags and spoons for loading, plus an overhead compression unit to further improve packing speeds.

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