Customer benefits

Revolutionised manufacturing strategy

One line for multiple products

Automatic component feeding

Higher speeds

Flexible production

Multiple layers of materials

High product quality

User-friendly HMI


Ostomy bag manufacturer.


To create a flexible manufacturing line with higher speeds and the ability to run multiple product variants.


Mpac took a radical approach for this project; revolutionising the customer’s manufacturing strategy. To achieve the objective, we not only had to change the existing line, but the entire philosophy behind it too.

Drawing on our extensive web handling and process experience, we created a new, special purpose manufacturing line with the flexibility to process multiple product variants on the same line. This complete solution provided recipe-driven product changeovers, extended variant capability and reduced downtime considerably.

These benefits were achieved thanks to an improved machine design and layout. Automatic component feeding and ergonomic loading positions produced greater throughput speeds. Our attention to detail also helped to improve operational efficiency. Key features included good accessibility, easy-to-operate HMI control and clear visibility of the process.

Customer evaluation of the impact of this dramatic transformation revealed exceptional improvements. These commercial benefits, together with Mpac’s professional project management style, have resulted in expansion of the partnership and repeat machine orders.

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