Flexibly manufacture multiple product variants on the same line

Achieve the highest level of product quality and comfort for consumer

Ability to process multiple layers of materials

Reduce downtime between product changeovers

User friendly HMI for easy operation

Automatic component feeding for greater throughput

Achieve a competitive advantage with higher speeds and high flexible production line


  • Achieved a competitive advantage by manufacturing multiple product variants at high speed on the same line


The challenge

  • Create a new manufacturing line with radical change in manufacturing philosophy from existing lines, for the manufacture of ostomy bags.
  • Flexible, modular and future-proof manufacturing line to accommodate a very wide variety of products on the same line.

The solution

  • Complete production line solution for flexible manufacture.
  • Recipe driven product change-over, extended product variant capability and greatly reduced down-time.
  • Improved machine layout for ergonomic material loading positions and good access to and visibility of process.


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