Customer benefits

Speed increased tenfold

Machine fleet reduction

Improved dose weight accuracy

Safer, cleaner performance

High operational efficiency

Less waste

Seamless integration

Reduced labour costs

FDA regulatory compliance


Pharmaceutical manufacturer.


To develop a next-generation, high speed dosing machine and primary packaging solution for a well-established, 100-year old brand. Crucially, the solution needed to achieve best practice in a modern manufacturing environment, while also maintaining the precise look and feel of this popular product.


Drawing on our expertise in web handling and precision powder dosing, Mpac took a fresh approach to the production process.

We designed and delivered a high-speed, continuous motion machine capable of individually dosing pharmaceutical powder into a constantly moving web, before completing multiple converting operations to produce the final product. This achievement was thanks to innovative mechanisms that completed a series of folds, cuts, creases and closures to create the desired format of the finished pack.

Individual packs were then collated at high speed and fed into a variety of secondary packaging equipment, such as standard cartoner formats and a bespoke enveloper machine designed by Mpac.

The resulting product replicated its legacy counterpart in every way but – at speeds of 750 packs per minute – was produced over ten times faster than the original system.

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