Reduce your fleet of machines and boost operational efficiency by up to x 10

Meet FDA regulations, improve dose accuracy and reduce wastage

Increase OEE, safety and cleanliness

Seamlessly integrate new machinery into your production line


The new machine produces product which looks and feels the same as the legacy product, but at 750 packs/min this is produced over ten times faster than the original technology. Dose weight accuracy and material waste have also been greatly improved. With very high OEE, we have provided a solution that prepares this brand for the next 100 years!

  • Machine fleet reduced tenfold
  • Operational efficiency increased.
  • FDA regulations satisfied.
  • Safer, cleaner solution.



A 100 year old product needed a new production process to achieve best practice in a modern manufacturing environment. The ‘flat wrap’, convenient format of the package remains highly popular in the market place and had to remain unchanged. The challenge was therefore to maintain the precise look and feel of the product while re-thinking the manufacturing process.

  • Design and develop a ‘next generation’ production machine for a well-established brand.
  • Quantum Leap in speed
  • Improve dose accuracy and reduce waste.
  • Satisfy FDA and regulatory requirements.



Utilising our expertise in web handling and precision powder dosing, we designed and delivered a high-speed rotary dosator, filling powder into a continuous glassine web. An innovative mechanism completes a series of folds and cuts to achieve the finished pack format. Individual packs are then collated at high speed and fed into a variety of secondary packaging formats including cartons and envelopes.

  • Design and development of a high-speed rotary powder dosator and dose wrapping system.
  • Web-based wrap is filled, rolled, cut and creased in continuous motion.
  • Innovative enveloper development

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