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World-class productivity

Novel tea bag ‘caddy’ carton

Patented high-speed process

Collaborative approach

Low-maintenance system

Specialist consultancy


Unilever UK.


To work with Unilever on a major New Product Development (NPD) project – from concept to production – and develop a bespoke, special purpose manufacturing process.


Mpac’s heritage in complex product handling meant we were ideally placed to provide specialist consultancy advice on key aspects of Unilever’s new product plans.

Our experts were closely involved from the beginning; providing invaluable support during the initial brainstorming sessions and ensuring due consideration was given to the manufacturability of the new packaging design as part of the overall development programme.

This collaborative approach led to the design and development of an innovative, high-speed pyramid tea bag manufacturing process made up of multiple special purpose machines. The integrated system featured an ultra-fast tea bag machine and custom-engineered equipment for the novel ‘caddy’ carton format.

The customer benefited from Mpac’s full suite of capabilities, which included a fleet of production machines manufactured to an aggressive timeline for a phased rollout across multiple sites, on-site support, operator and technician training, as well as ongoing Continuous Improvement.

Since its introduction, this unique manufacturing process has been honoured in the British Library book 'Inventing the 20th Century' as one of the top 100 global inventions of the last 100 years.

The 1996 launch of the three-dimensional tea bag was described by the manufacturer as “the first major innovation since the introduction of the square bag in the 1950s” and PG Tips subsequently regained its market leading position for tea in the UK.

Design and launch of the innovative PG Tips pyramid® tea bag

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