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The project

We helped Unilever® in the design and launch of the innovative PG Tips pyramid® tea bag. We supported brainstorming sessions to come up with the product design, ensuring that manufacturability was considered for the new packaging. This was followed by the design and development of a patented, high-speed manufacturing process, including the ultra fast tea bag machine and the equipment for the novel ‘caddy’ carton format. The unique manufacturing process has been honoured in the British Library book “Inventing the 20th Century” as one of the top 100 global inventions of the last 100 years!

The new pyramid® tea bag for PG Tips was unveiled by Unilever® in 1996. The new bag design delivered real consumer benefits by allowing more ‘room to move’ for the tea, enabling a faster infusion. A major marketing campaign was undertaken by Unilever®, proclaiming the pyramid® tea bag the ‘8th wonder of the world’ and PG Tips was again the market leader for tea in the UK.

Design and launch of the innovative PG Tips pyramid® tea bag

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