Special carton design to stand out and attract consumers on-shelf

Handling multiple packaging formats for different market segments on same line

Automation does not mark or damage to the special chamfer design

Our experience of handling stick packs was highly valued

High speed cartoning solution using proven technology

Attention to the smallest detail was a key reason to work with us

Challenges summarised

  • Seamless integration in existing layout with upstream equipment
  • Handling special carton design with chamfer
  • Handling multiple carton formats
  • Flexibility in making counts
  • Food application with corresponding requirements


Short description and background story

A global leader in the coffee industry wanted to automate its secondary packaging process for stick packs filled with coffee powder. The company serves different market segments which require multiple packaging formats. The customer wants to stand out on the shelf to attract consumers with a special design carton. The special chamfer design carton should not be damaged when the process is automated. The new cartoning equipment needed to be connected to an existing stick pack machine.

Mpac Langen offered its proven FLEXCOUNT™ technology integrated in its Hygienic MARIN™ cartoner. This was the ideal 1:1 packaging solution which fulfilled the requirements of the customer. Experience with handling stick packs in a completely automated environment was highly valued. The attention to the smallest details for product and carton handling were key in the decision-making process and the selection for Mpac Langen’s equipment.

With almost 100 FLEXCOUNT™ systems for stick packs installed worldwide, Mpac Langen is the only company able to offer reliable high-speed cartoning  solutions using proven technology. We are focused on application excellence in every project. The build expertise and our continuous improvement programs ensure you receive a secondary packaging solution that is reliable and efficient.

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