Customer benefits

Precise and flexible pack counts

Significant productivity increase

High-speed packaging of up to 800 sticks per minute

Proven packaging equipment and technology

Gentle handling of bespoke carton design

Strong shelf stand out

Rapid changeovers

Minimum downtime

Seamless integration with existing operations

Stick pack solutions set industry standard


Leading global coffee manufacturer.


To automate the secondary packaging of coffee powder sticks into shelf-ready chamfered cartons. Crucially, the coffee packing machine needed to handle multiple packaging formats for diverse markets, integrate into the existing primary packaging operation and minimise damage.


By introducing our unique FLEXCOUNT counting technology together with the VENTO-i intermittent cartoner, we successfully addressed these concerns on every level.

FLEXCOUNT technology provided the flexibility to adjust stick pack numbers when required. This meant the customer could specify exact numbers, add promotional packs or introduce a new product count – and always be confident of a precise outcome.

Speed and efficiency of the operation was enhanced further with the integrated installation of our secondary packaging cartoner. Chosen for its proven suitability for packaging stick packs, the hygienic and highly accessible VENTO-i also ensured minimum downtime; so increasing productivity significantly.

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