Customer benefits

Improved speed and capacity

Superb accessibility

Compact overall footprint

Simplified line controls

Broad range of pack patterns

Increased operational efficiencies

Valuable cost savings

Rapid 30-minute changeovers

High-speed solution


Contract energy bar manufacturer.


To develop a wrapping and cartoning system to run a range of different flow-wrapped energy bars and carton load configurations on one line. The solution also needed to address the practical limitations of tight floor space availability, while allowing for easy changeovers and repeatable product set-ups.


Mpac’s proven horizontal cartoning machine proved to be the ideal secondary packaging solution to meet these requirements.

The machine’s appeal lay in its ability to handle both on-edge and flat bar orientation – necessary because narrow energy bars in the product range could not be stacked in the same way as their larger counterparts. Switching effortlessly between the two load patterns meant that our packaging machinery equipment improved speeds and capacity.

Offering simple functionality in the form of one cartoner per flow wrapper solution, together with exceptional flexibility and improved operational performance, made this a convincing investment for the customer.

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