LSP with quick change product collation belts allows for 30 minute change over

Compact cartoner layout allows for tight floorspace installation

One cartoner per flow wrapper solution allows for simplified line controls and increased operational efficiencies

High speed, high capacity solution with limited floorspace

Challenges summarised

  • Odd count product is loaded on edge while even count product is lying flat in stacks of 2 or 3 in carton
  • Small bars are very narrow and unstable to stack
  • Broad range of pack patterns
  • Food application with corresponding requirements


The project

This contract manufacturer for the energy bar market came to Mpac Langen with a desire to run many different bar sizes and carton load configurations.

They wanted to ensure that the equipment they purchased was adaptable, easy to change over and repeatable on product set-ups.

Mpac Langen proudly offered our C-1000i cartoning solution. The simple functionality of the 1 wrapper/1 cartoner solution appealed to the customer and the easy change over between on-edge bar orientation and flat bar orientation in the cartoner made their decision easy.

Mpac Langen was able to offer the 3— C-1000i cartoners for the same capital expenditure as a single cartoner solution without the higher complexity and reduced adaptability.

We are focused on application excellence in every project. The built in redundancy that our customers seek with multiple flow wrappers is only naturally extended to the cartoners. Higher OEE and flexibility are the key drivers for the success of the C-1000i.

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