Pannawat Namwongsa, centre, with a customer team during factory acceptance testing.

A Day In The Life Of A Packaging Machine Service Engineer

Mpac Langen’s total customer support (TCS) service is aimed at maximising your overall equipment efficiency (OEE). Our global team of service engineers is vital for keeping your packaging machines in prime condition.

As part of our Day in the Life series, we interviewed Mpac Packaging Machine Service Engineer Pannawat Namwongsa to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work in the Mpac servicing team. Pannawat joined the global service team back in 2017. He is stationed at Mpac Langen’s Thailand office and frequently travels to our clients all over Asia.

Introducing Pannawat…

When talking to Pannawat, it’s easy to see how much he likes his job at Mpac Langen. As a service engineer, he uses his engineering training and expertise to carefully solve any issue that he is presented with. “My job is flexible and versatile. I greatly enjoy the fact that each day is different. Through my travels, I get to experience different countries and cultures and every day I am presented with unique situations within different industries, including food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical. The most important focus in my job is to rely on our high-quality machines and our experience to make the customer satisfied.”

Pannawat’s team goes on site for everything from machine installation and commissioning to full service support. “We take care of all aspects of the machine, including mechanical, electrical and programming. Our team is made up of different people with different levels of experience. That way we can provide full learning opportunities for the newest team members whilst providing the highest service level. When working on new projects I get to learn a lot from my direct colleagues as well as those in other parts of the world.”

While Pannawat travels for around 70 percent of his time, he is part of a close-knit global team. “We get a lot of good support and in-house training from all parts of the company. That gives you a very good feeling, like you are part of a big global family. That feeling extends to our customers too, many of which we have worked with for a very long time. At Mpac Langen we see the importance of establishing long-term relationships with our clients.”

Before the team begins any new machine installation, Pannawat will visit the Mpac Langen facility to speak to the team as the machine is built. “Before shipping the machine is fully tested, checking all functions and customer requirements. Once this is completed, the customer comes to the factory to inspect and approve the machine. That gives me the opportunity to get to know the customer before we go on site for installation and commissioning. We also provide technical and operator training, which is essential for the client to get the most out of their machine. At the end of the day, that gives the biggest thrill, when the machine is running efficiently and is accepted by a happy customer.”

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Posted by Simon Mason