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Your desire to accelerate your success inspires us to go further. So, with sector-specific knowledge and a broad technical understanding, we create automation ecosystems to help you lead in your field.

Sectors we cover

Health & Personal Care

We help achieve better patient outcomes through advanced products, processes and packaging formats. From contact lenses to wound care products, we’ve got it covered.


We support your pharmaceutical advances cost effectively, from inhaler assembly to transdermal patches.

Food & Beverage

With extensive expertise in dealing with powders to liquids, cereals to confectionary, our packaging machinery covers a wide range of applications.

Consumer Goods

Our next generation equipment keeps you up to speed with FMCG demand. We’ve created solutions for products including batteries, filters and disposable bags.

Sometimes, the best blade isn’t a blade.

It’s a laser. So we seek solutions from across sectors, taking a radically different approach for radically better results.


How our ecosystem builds yours

We don’t just build machines. We create automation ecosystems to develop and optimise your manufacturing process.

Our end-to-end capabilities help leading Food & Beverage, Health & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods businesses thrive in a changing world.

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