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Digitally-driven solutions to keep your business ahead of the curve.

All sides of our automation support, together.

Combining in-person essentials with innovative new digital tools, Mpac Cube is the service engine which will propel you towards your production goals through Connectivity, Productivity and Sustainability.

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Mpac Cube

We’ve folded the many sides of our automation support together into one convenient service offer – Mpac Cube.

Our solutions span:

Please visit the Mpac Cube Portal to find out more. As your whole life service partner, we give you the confidence you need to adapt and grow, today and tomorrow.


How our ecosystem builds yours

We don’t just build machines. We create automation ecosystems to develop and optimise your manufacturing process.

Our end-to-end capabilities help leading Food & Beverage, Health & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods businesses thrive in a changing world.

On the hunt for case packing companies or a cartoning machine manufacturer? Look no further!
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