Cosmetic packaging solutions

Secondary packing solutions for tissues, personal care and cosmetics

Successful cosmetic packaging solutions for tissues, soft paper sheets, paper towels, personal care and cosmetics applications must meet high expectations in terms of innovation, differentiation and efficiency. It is a difficult balancing act, but one that Mpac achieves time and again.

When it comes to these highly visible product categories, first impressions count. Many personal care products are often on display in bathrooms and for many consumers, cosmetics are as much about image as performance. This concern with style as well as substance means secondary packaging plays a crucial role in consumer appeal – and puts quality, functionality and stand-out design at the top of the agenda.

This is especially true for tissue packaging and we have dedicated packaging solutions for this market. Read more about our dedicated tissue solutions here.

Mpac understands the pressures that personal care and cosmetic brands face. We provide invaluable support to customers by translating new ideas into commercial realities quickly and cost-effectively. So, whether the goal is a flexible secondary packaging line for multiple products and pack formats, or a more dedicated high-speed line for cartoning, case packing and palletizing, Mpac is at the forefront of developments.

Faced with an array of complex demands in these fast-moving markets, we provide ingenious, integrated and risk-managed secondary packaging solutions, all designed to add value and save you time. For example:

Personal care

The need for pre-mixing batches of deodorants during the production of an extensive portfolio can be addressed with Mpac’s in-line solution. With rapid changeover systems, our equipment can be used to fill and handle various can size variants and perfume formulations; significantly reducing downtime and costs.


Premium soap manufacturers can benefit from our customised approach to secondary packaging automation – particularly when ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions don’t measure up to requirements. Specific product configurations, carton erecting, in-line or robotic product loading and case packing for transit are all part of our integrated solutions.