Integrated solutions for tissue packaging

At Mpac Langen, we fully understand the needs of your industry for cost-effective tissue packaging with high-end product quality. We have deep industry experience and offer a wide range of proven solutions for packaging tissue.

packaging tissue

When it comes to tissue packaging, first impressions count. Tissue boxes are produced in many shapes and sizes and are often visibly displayed on tables or in bathrooms. Design-conscious consumers are looking to brands to supply new and interesting ways to display their products. At Mpac Langen we have over 60 years’ experience in developing dedicated machines for packaging tissue.

Tissue packaging equipment

Our wide range of proven solutions include our fully automated and flexible high-speed continuous motion cartoners: MAESTRO-c and LEVANTO. Both machines can be fully tailored to meet your exact requirements, using different infeed options and speeds.

The MAESTRO-c can run up to 450 cartons per minute, using a feeding system with side pushers. The MAESTRO-c combines a compact footprint with the highest efficiency available in the market. The LEVANTO has automatic overhead feeding of tissue clips into the machine and runs at a maximum speed of 160 cartons per minute. All of our tissue cartoning machines are equipped with the latest advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Tissue clips are generally produced on high-speed, multi-lane, interfolding lines. Our machines are designed to pick up and handle all kinds of tissue clips coming from upstream interfolders, including different sizes, count range, embossed or non-embossed. We build solutions to meet our customers’ exact needs including packaging solutions with optional multi-lane discharge, clip merging, perfuming, and quality control systems.

Our machines feature dedicated technologies such as elevated carton carriers (lugs) and carton pre-opening to assure optimised carton erection with no dents and scratches. High-end product quality is always guaranteed, even when using very low grammage material or carton board with high recycled content. Likewise, we are very experienced in working with brands to design packaging solutions for unique tissue box designs and different carton shapes and sizes, always maintaining a balance of good design with a strong and practical carton.

Full service support for integrated lines

Tissue converting equipment is generally designed to run 24/7. We fully understand the importance of seamless integration with upstream equipment to assure the highest level of overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Along with cartoners, we can offer dedicated secondary packaging solutions for case packing and palletizing. Our highly flexible standard solutions commonly work with regular slotted containers (RSC), also known as American cases. Our SOLANO top-load case packing machine is a flexible platform with a variety of case packing configurations to match your exact requirements

Mpac Langen has a global distribution network, which includes close collaboration with our agent We offer long-term service agreements and our global service team resources allow us to support you locally, wherever you are in the world.

For more information on our range of tissue packaging solutions download our tissue brochure or contact our team.