Advanced human machine interface (HMI) at the core of packaging machine innovation

Mpac Langen’s advanced, customer-oriented human machine interface (HMI) is now fitted as standard on all of our packaging machines. Experience greater connectivity, enhanced user experience and access to new capabilities in line with industry 4.0.

An innovation strategy underpinning our evolving capabilities that provides our customers with market-leading innovative packaging solutions both now and in the future.

We have re-engineered our human machine interface (HMI) for the modern manufacturing environment. An HMI is the crucial connection between human operators and the packaging machine for realising optimal settings, complete machine control and enhanced diagnostics. Our new advanced HMI is designed to exploit the full potential of current technology and be prepared for future applications.

We now install our advanced HMI on all new Mpac secondary packaging machines as standard, enabling greater functionality and connectivity. The HMI makes use of the wealth of data generated by the large number of smart sensors on our machines. This information can then be tailored to suit the customers’ specific needs. Mpac’s advanced HMI offers enhanced process control, of electronic components. Changeovers are quicker and more efficient and rely less on mechanical setting changes.

human machine interfaceThe Mpac Langen advanced HMI takes control to a new level. The user-friendly interface is intuitive, easy to operate, built for flexibility and allows for quick and easy customisation. It enables greater control of machine parts, better connectivity between individual machines in a packaging line and efficiency improvements right across the supply chain.

The system is designed to act as a gateway for the integration of future industry 4.0 features and services. Commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0. is a global trend of automation and cloud-based data exchange in manufacturing. It will transform the way companies operate, enabling more automated, flexible and efficient manufacturing.

Our advanced HMI provides the platform to introduce new features step by step according to our customers’ needs. These include features such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, video instructions and remote troubleshooting and assistance. Our customers benefit from increased machine uptime and enhanced operator usability – supporting the achievement of operational excellence.

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