Discover the future of packaging with our highly flexible HORIZON platform. From an operator-focused HMI and streamlined maintenance to exceptional service, our solution offers unrivalled performance and efficiency. Experience seamless troubleshooting, easy maintenance access, and swift product changeovers all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Top-Load Cartoner

Introducing Mpac’s HORIZON platform, a highly flexible solution for top load cartoning and robotic product handling. Featuring an intuitive HMI with a smartphone-like interface, HORIZON minimizes operator training time and ensures ease of use.  Its modular frame design allows for optimal footprint customization, accommodating various carton sizes and configurations.

HORIZON excels in sustainability by efficiently tracking and reporting energy usage and integrating vacuum and pneumatic alternatives to reduce CO2 emissions. The system’s automated carton width adjustment, quick disconnect robotic tooling, and quick disconnect tray forming components enable swift and simple changeovers. With an average throughput of 80 picks per minute per robot, HORIZON provides superior performance, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability, making it the ideal choice for advanced packaging needs.



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Sample packaging applications

  • Candy, cereal and energy bars
  • Pouches and bags of candy
  • Medical Devices including diagnostic monitors, syringes, tubes, blisters, kits, etc.
  • Flow Wrapped cookies, cakes, biscuits

Features and benefits:

  • Gentle product handling
  • Ergonomic, accessible design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable 24/7 operation
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Efficient to use
  • Modular Frame
  • External Carton Former and Closer
  • Intuitive HMI Platform
  • Standardized infeed systems

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