Langen MAESTRO tissue

Tissue cartoner

When it comes to tissue packaging, first impressions count. Our Langen MAESTRO tissue cartoner combines a compact footprint with the highest efficiency available in the market.

MAESTRO is a fully automated, flexible high-speed continuous motion cartoner that can be fully tailored to meet your exact requirements using different speeds and infeed options. Using a feeding system with side pushers, it can run up to 450 cartons per minute.

Integrated with tissue converting and folding equipment, the Langen MAESTRO tissue cartoner is designed to pick up and handle all kinds of tissue clips coming from upstream interfolders, including different sizes, count range, embossed or non-embossed.

Tissue cartoner

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Sample packaging applications

  • Tissues
  • Napkins

Features and benefits

  • High safety interlock doors
  • Features our Intelligent Machine Interface (IMI)
  • Robust and high efficiency output
  • Easy operation and size changeovers
  • High precision finished product quality

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