Langen VC-C

Vertical cartoner

Our Langen VC-C is a vertical cartoner with continuous top-load infeeds to pack bottles or stack special products. It’s available with optional dual carton magazines, tube loading, automatic lid feeding and placing, and robotic magazine loader (RML).

An industry-proven solution for loading products into vertical cartons, the servo driven Langen VC-C offers quick change-overs, hygienic design and a modern look. With a range of characteristics that include rugged and robust construction and gentle product handling, the Langen VC-C cartoner is a continuous motion machine suitable for any market.

Its ergonomic and modular design allows for the seamless integration of auxiliary equipment such as labellers, vision systems, printers and metal detectors. While suitable for many different markets, the Langen VC-C is a specialist favourite for the high-end spirits markets.

Vertical cartoner

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Sample packaging applications

  • Bottles for cognac, whiskey and other premium drinks
  • Bottles for premium non-alcoholic drinks

Features and benefits

  • Gentle product handling with special care for label and bottle cap
  • Adaptable to factory layout and product flow
  • Precise carton opening and positioning, flap folding and closing
  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Ergonomic, accessible design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable 24/7 operation
  • Hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Efficient to use and easy to operate

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